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Event-Registration ETC-Warmups 2017 (open to sign in!)

ETC-Warmups 2017

Visit the ETC Warmup Events!

28.-30.04.2017 in Herford (Germany)

16.-18.06.17 in Studsgard (Denmark)

You can find all necessary information in our Info-Reader:

Reader Germany

Reader Denmark 

- please read before registration.


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!!Sorry, ETC-Warumup in Germany is already fully booked!!



NOTE: the captains signs in once for the entire team!

COMBO: this is a registration for both ETC-Warmups (Denmark & Germany) with a discount!


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if there are further restrictions please let us know in the box below.

Team captains please state the estimated number of VEGANS, VEGATARIANS and persons with FURTHER RESTRICTIONS (describe separately) on your team in the box below.


Final Statement



LINK TO THE READER BOOKLET for the ETC-Warmup 2017 in Studsgard (Denmark) 

LINK TO THE READER BOOKLET for the ETC-Warmup 2017 in Herford (Germany)

Registration is only finalized once we have received your payment either via banking-transaction or PayPal. You can use the PayPal-button we provide with the confirmation of your successful registration!


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registered Teams

registered Teams

  ETC-Warmup Denmark ETC-Warmup Germany
1. Team Germany (Germany) Team Germany (Germany)
2. Team TGH (Germany) Team England (England)
3. Team England (England) Die fiesen Otternasen (Germany)
4. Team Sweden ETC (Sweden) Team Josse 4Evvah! (Netherlands)
5. Team Wales (Wales) Fluffbunnies (Germany)
6. ETC Denmark (Denmark) Team Sweden ETC (Sweden)
7. Aarhus Big'uns (Denmark) WBT (France)
8. Team Scotland (Scotland) Pokemons Return (Russia)
9. The Cassive Mocks (Denmark) Team Netherlands (Netherlands)
10. Team Switzerland (Switzerland) This is Sparta (Germany)
11. Blykrigerne (Denmark) Team Czech A (Czech Republic)
12. Team New and Improved (Denmark) Team Czech (PRO) (Czech Republic)
13.   Team Switzerland (Switzerland)
14.   Team Poland (Poland)
15.   Team Wales (Wales)
16.   Team Denmark (Denmark)
17.   Borderlands (Germany)
18.   Northland Hammers (Germany)
19.   FBJ (France)
20.   Memory of C.C.Capwell (Russia)



Dear Wargamers!

This page has been created to give you a concentrated and quick overview for the upcoming ETC-Warump-Season 2017. We are really proud to announce that the teams of the ETC-Warmups in Denmark and Germany are cooperating to make sure that all players benefit from the network both events created in the past!

All informations required you can find in our readers:


On top of that both events can be found on facebook:


Both events will use the latest "The 9th Age"-Rules and the latest available ETC-Rulespack frozen by the date of roster-submission.


Here you can find the most important details:

both ETC-Warmups are FULLY BOOKED! 

ETC-Warmup in Studsgard (Denmark)

Date: 16.-18. June 2017

Style: 8-Player Team / ETC-Style

Participants: max. 12 Teams

System/Games/Draw: 9th Age / 6 Games / Swiss

Attendance fee: 300€ per Team

Location: Studsgård Minihal, Momhøjvej 36A, 7400 Herning (Denmark)

ETC-Warmup in Herford (Germany)

Date: 28.-30. April 2017

Style: 8-Player Team / ETC-Style

Participants: max. 20 Teams

System/Games/Draw: 9th Age / 6 Games / Swiss

Attendance fee: 300€ per Team

Location: Sportpark Waldfrieden, Waldfriedenstr. 62, 32049 Herford (Germany)


The top of this page as offers an easy and comfortable way to sign in for the ETC-Warmups 2017 in Studsgard (Denmark) and Herford (Germany). Just klick the drop-down "Event-Registration ETC-Warmups 2017". After binding registration there is a confirmation-page and you can find all the important documents linked on the event-registration-page.

We are looking forward to an awesome ETC-year 2017!

See you soon!